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The 33-year-old, who plays Sinead Tinker on the ITV soap, shared with her 90,000 Instagram followers snaps of herself and friend Lee Bennett at The Mirror Ball in Manchester on Tuesday night.

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This page contains screenshots, real life photographs and information about all of the main characters in GTA San Andreas and the people who do their voices.You will find a thumbnail screenshot from in game of the character, as well as a small image next to it showing the real person who does the voice.Each girl has a blue arrow above their heads and will be standing around doing various things, like talking to someone or shooting a gun.Sex appeal is very important when getting a girlfriend and turning up to a date.Clicking on a number on the image will pop up with a screenshot of the location in order to help you find the exact location.Please excuse the wait while the file loads, due to the quality of the image the size is in the region of 400kb which may take a minute or so on 56k.Clicking on the screenshot thumbnails will pop up with a larger image of the character. Carl's brother, and the leader of the Grove Street Families.

He will take whatever opportunities are handed to him though. Not because he did anything bad though, just because doin' time is good for the image.

It was released on the same date as Grand Theft Auto Advance.

GTA San Andreas is set in the fictional state of San Andreas.

Previous GTA games included Hidden Packages which were just that, hidden packages which you needed to find and collect, in order to unlock special weapons at certain hideouts, as well as money.

GTA San Andreas is huge compared to previous games, and as a result you have a lot more collectables to find.