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Tengo una psp Slim 2000 con placa TA-088 v1/v2 (Identificada con el programa PSPident, me parece raro que la identifique asi, pero al menos no tengo la temible placa maldita v3) con CFW 5.50 GEN D3. men, antes de hacer la actualizacion, ayudame a confirmar lo siguiente, mi psp Slim 2000 posee placa TA-088 v1/v2 .... aqui tienes una captura de pantalla Gracias, me quita un peso de encima ...

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Its tagline was unconvincing: The film's twist about a ghostly presence came years before two other more prominent films with similar endings: The Sixth Sense (1999) and The Others (2001).

Executive-produced by Francis Ford Coppola, it was only released on DVD following star Kate Beckinsale's later prominence, in films such as Pearl Harbor (2001).

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Because of his fame as a popular book author about psychic phenomenon, David - who vehemently didn't believe in ghosts and thought seances were suspect - was called upon to investigate the supposed 'haunting' of the upper-class Webb's family country estate (Edbrook Manor) in England by tormented spirits.

In the midst of trying to debunk ideas of the supernatural (he was against spiritualists and mediums), David began to believe that the elderly Nanny was suffering from madness, wild imaginations and senile hallucinations, when she declared: "There are spirits in this house." When he first arrived, he met Christina at the train station (emerging from plumes of steam) who stated that the siblings had actually invited him - and then warned: David soon observed the pseudo-incestuous behavior between Christina and both of her brothers.